Ria Kamras – My journey through life

“If you do what you’ve always done,

you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

/ Tony Robbins /


Ria KamrásI was born in Eger, a sparkling small town where people from a very young age absorb memories of history and heroic triumphs. I myself didn’t expect it, but this environment defined my whole life. As a young girl I adoringly read stories about the heroic women of Eger who shaped their destiny and didn’t fear age defying expectations. They fought with determination that would shame men, towards a future that they anticipated for themselves. These strong women not only built a future for them, but created the world we live in today.

As a young adult I could clearly see that my purpose and perhaps my destiny is to help people, to prove that anyone can shape their own fortune, you just need enough will power and a bit of support.

The very beginning – Ria Kamras

Perhaps that is why I applied for a teacher training college after high school. Thanks to my diligence and thirst for knowledge I quickly completed my required tasks and I acquired my teachers’ degree. But soon I started feeling that a teaching career is too limited for me, it will not give me the opportunity to flourish. Thus, as a fresh graduate I was determined to follow my own bumpy path, instead of a comfortable and predictable teaching career. I got a taste of the business world as the family business’s innovator. With a youthful temperament I threw myself against new challenges and soon found myself at the head of the company. I had my first taste of success. Of course, these achievements would not have happened if it wasn’t for my family being by my side as a secure unit.

“To this day I believe and know that the key to success is always cooperation.” 

Life-changing journey – Ria Kamras

Nonetheless, my ambitious desires did not allow me to be content with the opportunities the family business offered, and a few years later I began to play with the idea of a new challenge. Soon I began the journey that I didn’t know would be of pivotal importance for me. I said goodbye to my home and without feeling fear I started a whole new life thousands of miles away from my family and roots – in a foreign country, Canada. I had a job within 48 hours after arriving to Canada.

Of course not everything went smoothly at first, the language and cultural differences weren’t easy to get used to, but the new social norms were rather exciting for me to learn. I gradually started to fit in and enthusiastically watched the new phenomena and stimuli with completely different set of values. I arrived in an environment where it was a totally natural and acceptable thing for a woman and also for a mother to achieve significant business accomplishments. I had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and deepen my professional experience. It almost felt like I was inhaling new knowledge with the air that I was breathing. Meanwhile, of course, I constantly felt the importance of human emotions and relationships, not only in my personal life, but also in the workplace.

“I made a new life, but this time from scratch without the family safety net protecting me.” 

I started a family and obtained my Canadian citizenship. I especially considered this important, as the Canadian mentality became a part of my identity and set of values.

International career – Ria Kamras

Becaues of my personality challenges invigorate me, so it is no wonder that new opportunities always find me. One of the biggest challenges that I came across was when I visited my family at home. A major international beauty industry was looking for a head executive for their Hungarian subsidiary. The Scandinavian brand was familiar to all, I felt incredibly honored for the request. I went home and using all of the knowledge and experience I gained in Canada I began working as the head of an essentially male dominated multinational corporation which operated according to Scandinavian standards. The company’s management welcomed the new business norm that I had brought along with an incredibly high degree of trust and openness.

“While Oriflame meant beauty for millions of women, for me the name stood for self-realization and an international career.”

Creating value – Ria Kamras

For me the world expanded even more in this international environment, with all of its positive and negative sides. As I went around the world I became increasingly sensitive to a variety of social and environmental problems. Every day I had to face the fact that one part of the world is experiencing an interest-driven and lavish lifestyle while on other parts millions of people suffer. I could no longer go on knowing the fact that the current way of life leads to the rapid destruction of the environment and for this reason millions of people are losing their homes, their loved ones, and their future. I developed a need to continue building my career in a direction where I can create real value. After the birth of my children I felt it even more.

“A business can be a real success, if we create a real value.”

As I have experienced with the family business, we can only achieve real results with the right partners. A few years ago I met a talented and dedicated businessman, who since then became a close alliance and friend. Together we dreamed and brought to life the innovative business concept, which carries change and chances for a better life, not only locally, but globally. Carbon Solutions Global is the international environmental protection industry’s rising star, a start-up with a unique concept. The company is popular and accepted to a degree that in the second year we were able to open offices in 5 countries. And with our program we moved thousands of people throughout Europe to take action. This is a program that directs material interest to natural and social value protection and development. The importance of the concept shows that the introduction of the Oxyprogram with the assistance of everyday people and companies led to planting more than 15,000 Oxytrees in the first year. And this was just the beginning…

Unpolished diamonds – Ria Kamras

However, for such a large-scale implementation of vision it is more than necessary to operate as a team, colleagues with whom we join forces and make our goals a reality. I have always been inspired to help talented people find their way, but now my life has come to a stage when my business and personal success is the key. Having possession of such a promising concept it is now the biggest challenge and responsibility for me to find and motivate those people who will secure the future of the business. In my own business I feel most successful when I help boost the emerging talents who are capable and worthy of representing a business concept with a professional and human point of view and for them to become the foundation stones of this dynamically developing organization.