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The fall-winter period (or the time of colds and flue) has arrived. I don’t like to be sick so I try to take care of my health throughout the whole year. Not only this time, but every month of the year I pay attention to what I eat, how much I sleep (I still need to improve it) and how much I exercise. I try to avoid taking pills, instead I believe in prevention and immune enhancement. The good news is: there are plenty of fruits and vegetables and also exercises to choose from in this season of the year, so we can care for our health quite easily.

What do YOU do for your health?

We should eat at least 3 portions of fruits and vegetables every day to cover our vitamin needs. Sadly, very few of us eat that much healthy food even though the end of the summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the fruit season. We can still buy many delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies (e.g. tangerine, apple, pear, grapes etc.). It is also important to consume foods rich in proteins and fibers, which not only strenghten our immune system but also protect our guts. Unfortunately, most nutrients cannot be found in normal foods, so dieatry supplements made from natural ingredients can be of great help. If we have the opportunity to strengthen our body (and fortunately we can now do it in countless ways) then we must place more emphasis on it. I don’t believe in pills. I believe in prevention and strenghtening our immune system.

Mental and soul maintenance is equally important

Ria KamrasIt is often said that illnesses occur because of psychological reasons, so it is very important to nurture and “maintain” our souls. It does not matter how busy you are, you should always make time for relaxing and charging. “I don’t have time for that” is not an excuse! We have time for those things we make time for – this is the case with people too. So make time for your family and friends! Go and talk with the people who are important in your life or grab a coffee with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. These things cherish our souls. If you feel that something weighs on you, find a person you can share your problem with. Occasionally we need an objective person in whom we can trust and who can hold a mirror in front of us and if necessary can move us away from a bad track.

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